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Vila sen Vento

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Maruxiña camper: the perfect plan for travelling around Galicia in the winter

Maruxiña camper: the perfect plan for travelling around Galicia in the winter


We have to admit that travelling around Galicia in our Maruxiña camper, accompanied by the warmth of the sun, is wonderful. However, this does not mean that doing so in winter is not a great idea. And more so this year, when being able to enjoy a break with the freedom of doing your own thing in nearby places is a real must.

Prepared for adventure?

We have prepared our Maruxiña camper, with its heating and cosy quilts, including some of our Galician broth ready for enjoying, if you feel like it. In your case, do not forget to bring your raincoat, trekking or wellington boots, and warm clothes in case the temperature drops. You do not even have to worry about planning your route: we will do it for you and send you a guide with our favourite trips around Galicia. And how can you decide what views you want to wake up to the following day? The Park4night app will be your best ally for finding the best place to set up camp each night.

You decide your best plan and whom you want to accompany you

A road-trip adventure with the children since they are on holiday for Christmas? A break with your surfing friends in search of Galicia’s best waves? Or, better still, a romantic getaway with your partner? Maruxiña’s 6 beds and all of its equipment make this a very flexible and comfortable camper for all types of journeys. And what can we say about Galicia? It has countless spots waiting to be discovered.

We can give you two tips

Although the Fragas do Eume Nature Reserve is a magical forest per se, at this time of year the moss covering all of its trees and rocks makes it even more beautiful. Moreover, its small number of visitors will mean that you will be practically on your own surrounded by nature. Do not forget to try the sandwich served in Taverna de Caaveiro, which was short-listed at Madrid Fusión and is a real treat. On the other hand, if your prefer the sea, bring along your neoprene wetsuit and head to the beaches of Valdoviño, one of our favourite spots in Galicia that hosts the Pantin Classic Pro surfing championship every summer


chico en bosque autocaravana en el mar

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