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Vila sen Vento “empanada” (Galician pie): enjoy Galicia’s star summer product thanks to our gourmet shop

Vila sen Vento “empanada” (Galician pie): enjoy Galicia’s star summer product thanks to our gourmet shop


We all know that Galicia is the perfect destination for food tourism. But, if for some reason, you can’t come to enjoy our region or terriña for this year’s holidays, thanks to our online gourmet shop, you can still enjoy typical Galician products delivered to your home, including our “empanadas” (Galician pies), Galicia’s star summer product. Are you ready to try this delicatessen product that we make with so much affection? Choose your pastry and filling, and enjoy an unforgettable meal!

Wheat pastry “empanada,” a Galician classic

Do you want to enjoy a thin, tender and golden pastry to make your summer meals a success? Then choose our wheat flour “empanadas,” a real Galician classic that at Vila sen Vento we make the traditional way, kneading the dough by hand and filling it with the tastiest produce from our coastline. In our online shop of Galician products, you’ll find our wheat pastry “empanadas” filled with variegated scallops from the Galician coast, which we sauté with peppers and onions from local vegetable gardens; or filled with fresh mussels or sardines from Galicia, two very tasty and juicy products that’ll never let you down. It’s hard to choose, isn’t it?  

The most traditional taste with our cornflour “empanadas”

We want our shop of Galician products to offer our region’s most characteristic tastes. That’s why, in the case of “empanadas,” we can’t overlook traditional “empanadas” made with cornflour or “millo,” as we say in Galicia. This Galician delicatessen product is a real symbol of our gastronomy, with a unique taste and crispy texture that can only be obtained by using an exceptional ingredient: the best corn from our region’s fields. At Vila sen Vento, we prepare our pies with three exquisite fillings, variegated scallops, mackerel or cod, which we sauté with onions and peppers from local vegetable gardens, before adding our own special touch: nori algae and sea moss algae. An unrepeatable taste that you can’t miss this summer!

If you’re like us and you’re starting to feel peckish after discussing these incredible Galician products, we invite you to visit our Galician gourmet shop. You’ll receive your home-baked “empanadas” within just 48 working hours, ready to enjoy: no doubt you’ll be back for more!