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New Galician summer products available in our online gourmet shop

New Galician summer products available in our online gourmet shop


Vila sen Vento’s new typical Galician products for the summer season are now available! If you’re a fan of Galician products and homemade recipes, then you’ll love our new Galician gourmet products. Let’s introduce them!

We select the best Galician products

Are you a cheese lover? We’ve worked with the experts of Compostela’s “Mercado de Abastos” (Food Market) to prepare a Galician cheese board, a selection of the 4 best Galician cheeses that you can’t miss.

To accompany these delicacies from our region, nothing better than some nice jam. And our online gourmet shop has two options for you! On the one hand, strawberry, Albariño and spearmint jam, and on the other, peach, fennel and cardamom jam. Different textures, refreshing, sweet flavours and a natural preparation that you’ll only find in our online shop.

The most typical Galician flavours, home delivered

Let’s get straight to the strong dishes, because these artisanal Galician products will really excite you. We’re speaking, naturally, about “empanada” (Galician pie), one of Galicia’s typical products that always forms part of festive events. After trying a lot of recipes, Vela sen Vento’s gourmet shop has found the most exquisite fillings: mussels, sardines and variegated scallops to accompany our wheat crust: and mackerel, cod or variegated scallops for our crusty corn pastry. Truly traditional! 

In addition to these new options in our online shop, we also have delicious gourmet croquettes. This is something that should also be included in a good Galician meal. In this case, our croquettes are filled with delicious veal shank, ham foreleg with Arzúa cheese and mussels from the Galician coast. Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, and you can order your favourite filling or a combination of them all!

Finally, we present the latest addition to our shop featuring typical Galician products: lobster cocktail. A very refreshing dish, perfect for hot days, which will bring the taste of Galicia’s sea to your dish.  

Impossible to resist these Galician products, don’t you think? They’re all now available in our online shop and ready to be delivered to your home in 24-48 working hours. Order now!