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St. Valentine’s Day in Vila sen Vento: celebrate love in our little cabins among the trees

St. Valentine’s Day in Vila sen Vento: celebrate love in our little cabins among the trees


At Vila sen Vento, our slogan is very clear: “A spot with a heart in the heart of Galicia.” And although in our little paradise we love to put our heart into things and celebrate love on a daily basis, we have to admit that we are especially excited about forming part of your special plans to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. And what better way of experiencing an unforgettable day than sleeping in our little cabin surrounded by trees? Here are some recommendations so that you can enjoy the perfect romantic getaway!

Design your perfect getaway

When it comes to special celebrations, a lot of people usually ask which cabin is best for them. However, the truth is that each of them has its own special charm and you are the best person to choose the right one: the duplex called Cabaña de los Abetos is the most secluded one among the trees, featuring exotic decoration, and is ideal for adventurous couples. The cabins called Palmeras and Azaleas have the same layout, but the former has more of a seafaring atmosphere while the latter stands out due to its romantic details. The country-deco cabin called Carballos is perfect for those enjoying a break along with their kids.

Let us spoil you

Regardless of your choice, you will not want to leave what will be your love nest for a few days. Light the chimney, ask the loudspeaker to play your favourite soundtrack and enjoy the views of nature while relaxing in the jacuzzi on the terrace.

If you would like a little treat, you can add one of our extras to your booking: our romantic kit includes fresh rose petals and a perfumed soap pump for the jacuzzi. If you want, you can also order a bottle of sparkling Galician wine, which we will leave for you in an ice bucket along with some champagne glasses; or our delicious homemade, almond-filled chocolates.

If you are good at cooking, and in the mood, you can prepare your own special dinner. However, we urge you not to leave without savouring our own restaurant’s delicious traditional cuisine, which we will bring to your cabin whenever you want. Do you feel like eating while watching your favourite film? All the TVs are equipped with Chromecast, so you can cast whatever you want from your Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime… accounts. What could be better?

Book now

With all these choices on the table… what more can you ask for? At Vila sen Vento, we will be delighted to help you prepare your romantic getaway, so book now and contact us if you need help in preparing your surprise getaway.