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Be part of the healthy food movement with the homemade products available in our online gourmet shop

Be part of the healthy food movement with the homemade products available in our online gourmet shop


Have you heard of the healthy food movement? It is an idea that considers good food as an essential factor in living a happy, balanced lifestyle, and it is attracting more and more followers. Naturally, being Galicians, at Vila sen Vento we have long been aware that food can be both tasty and healthy using quality ingredients. This is the philosophy that has always been behind the cuisine served in our restaurant in O Pino and the range of food that we offer our clients in our rural accommodation near Santiago and, of course, which we have applied in starting our online gourmet shop.                         

Would you like to know why the Despensa de Vila sen Vento’s gourmet products are an essential party of a healthy diet? Here is the answer!

Delicious veggie products for a healthy lifestyle

Vegetable harsh, roast chestnut dressing, pumpkin soup, Galician broth… One thing that all our main dishes have in common is that they are made with the best local vegetables and produce. This is a key aspect of the healthy food movement, which is based, above all, on a veggie diet and on superfoods such as fruit and vegetables. Our recipes feature onions, courgettes, green and red peppers, egg plants, garlic, pumpkins, carrots, chestnuts, potatoes, beans, turnip tops and cabbage, which we buy from trusted local suppliers. Even our aperitif of Galician mussels features a vinaigrette that contains garden produce that is grown locally. A real guarantee of quality and healthiness that also enables us to obtain unique tastes, which will carry you away to our small Galician paradise.

Quality Galician garden produce, just 48 hours away from your home

If you too would like to start taking care of your diet and living a healthy lifestyle while enjoying our delicious dishes, then we have good news for you! Thanks to our online shop, you can receive all the products on sale in the Despensa de Vila sen Vento in just 2 or 3 working days. Moreover, since they are canned foods, you can eat them whenever you want during the 6 months following the date on which they were canned.

What are you waiting for? Shop here and join the healthy food movement with Vila sen Vento!