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Vila sen Vento: a charming Christmas

Vila sen Vento: a charming Christmas


It has finally arrived: Christmas in Vila sen Vento! At this special time of year, naturally, we are immersed in the Christmas spirit and are doing our best to decorate our rural complex for the occasion. If you are thinking about coming to celebrate the most magical holiday of the year with us, this post will let you know what we have prepared for you.

A charming Christmas in the heart of Galicia

TV adverts, city lights, gift catalogues… Christmas is everywhere at this time of year, and Vila sen Vento is no exception! As great fans of these festivities, we did not want to miss this opportunity to decorate and make even prettier, if possible, our small paradise and all of our accommodations. To that end, we have collected natural elements from the plants in our garden, illuminated some of our trees and placed some small adornments that blend perfectly with the warm, rustic decoration of our cabins, rural house and villas. A touch of the Christmas spirit for this festive season that we hope you will love and that will make you feel at home!

Special menus for enjoying this holiday

However, apart from decorations, another important feature of Christmas is undoubtedly the culinary aspect. And since we do not want our Christmas guests to do without a nice feast, our cook Pili has lovingly prepared 3 special menus adapted to different budgets, which you can enjoy in our accommodations from December 24 to January 6: Melchor Menu, for €49/person; Gaspar Menu, for €59/person; and Baltasar Menu, for €79/person.

The three menus are exactly the same as regards the choice of main dishes: free-range chicken with orange sauce or cod with prawns and San Simón cheese; and desserts: cheesecake with raspberry topping, chocolates filled with “Tarta de Santiago” (almond cake) and strawberries covered with chocolate. What’s the difference then? In the starters and the wine list –mid-range in the case of the first one and top of the range in the other two:

Melchor Menu starters:

  • Endives with smoked salmon, cream cheese, caper berries, dill and roe.
  • Chocolate “lollypop” in panko batter with curry and mango sauce.
  • Cured ham rolls with cherry and dried tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto.

Gaspar Menu starters:

  • Endives with smoked salmon, cream cheese, caper berries, dill and roe.
  • Prawn cocktail.
  • Cured Iberian ham with toasted bread and grated tomato. 

Baltasar Menu:

  • Vichyssoise.
  • Cantabrian anchovies with Arzúa cheese.
  • Lobster cocktail (price depends on market price).
  • Cured Iberian ham with toasted bread and grated tomato. 

Does this make your mouth water? No doubt it does. Although, if you prefer, we can adapt the menu entirely to your own taste or add some special extras, like Galician champagne or grapes to bring in the New Year. You just have to let us know before December 20!

After all of this… are going to miss this chance to experience a charming Christmas in our little paradise? Book your stay now!