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Discover all the details of Vila Sen Vento's day-to-day life!

Our almond cake, the star of online Galician products


Almond cake is one of the most famous food products in Galicia and throughout the Camino (Way of St. James). It is also one of the specialties in our online Galician gourmet shop. So, if you want to buy “tarta de Santiago” (almond cake) and savour one of Galicia’s most delicious typical products, our online gourmet shop is the place you’re looking for.


End of Galicia’s entry restrictions: our cabins among the trees are open again for everyone!


This has been a very difficult year for everyone but, at last, we’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The State of Emergency ended on May 9 and, along with it, Galicia’s entry restrictions. Our cabins among the trees are again open for everyone, regardless of where you’re living in Spain. So, more than ever, if you want a weekend break or romantic getaway, our cabins with jacuzzi are waiting for you.

Purchase Galician products: the best gift for Mother’s Day


Buying Galician products online is the best option for Mother’s Day. At Vila sen Vento we have our own gourmet shop, which offers home delivery throughout Spain of the best Galician products. So if you agree that Galician gourmet products are the best (and most delicious) choice for a special gift, then congratulations! You’ve come to the right place.


Vila sen Vento: little cabins in the forest that you must visit in Galicia


One of the favourite options for a romantic getaway nowadays is visiting little cabins in the forest that are located in Galicia. Specifically, Vila sen Vento features four cabins surrounded by trees, a unique experience for a break with your partner, in which you’ll feel as if you’re in a cabin hanging from the branches. But this option is not just for experiencing a romantic weekend; it’s also a great opportunity for travelling with kids. And that’s because some of our little cabins surrounded by trees have room for the entire family. Do you want to know which is the best one for you? Let’s give you some more details!



Buy the best Galician products in our online gourmet shop


In the case of Galicians that live outside the region, having typical Galician products in their pantry is almost a necessity. At Vila sen Vento we have the solution: you can now have Galician products home delivered within 24-48 hours when you purchase in our online gourmet shop.

Forget about exercising at home and enjoy outdoor sports at Vila sen Vento


Dear lord, this pandemic! Locked down at home and exercising in the lounge using two cartons of milk instead of weights has become, sadly, the national sport. Above all, when the alternative is going to a crowded gym wearing a mask and being a bit afraid of catching COVID-19. Today, from our rural tourism estate in Galicia, we’d like to offer some hope to you sportsmen and sportswomen that are longing to have fun again outdoors.

Bitcoin comes to Vila sen Vento: you can now use it to pay for your stay or in our gourmet shop!


At Vila sen Vento for some time we have realised that cryptocurrencies are in vogue and this form of payment is here to stay. Therefore, since the beginning of the year, we’ve offered the possibility of paying for any Vila sen Vento stay or product with your Bitcoin funds.

Be part of the healthy food movement with the homemade products available in our online gourmet shop


Have you heard of the healthy food movement? Naturally, being Galicians, at Vila sen Vento we have long been aware that food can be both tasty and healthy using quality ingredients, the philosophy that we have applied in starting our online gourmet shop. We told you why the Despensa de Vila sen Vento’s gourmet products are an essential party of a healthy diet!


St. Valentine’s Day in Vila sen Vento: celebrate love in our little cabins among the trees


At Vila sen Vento, our slogan is very clear: “A spot with a heart in the heart of Galicia.” And although in our little paradise we love to put our heart into things and celebrate love on a daily basis, we have to admit that we are especially excited about forming part of your special plans to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. And what better way of experiencing an unforgettable day than sleeping in our little cabin surrounded by trees? Here are some recommendations so that you can enjoy the perfect romantic getaway!

Maruxiña camper: the perfect plan for travelling around Galicia in the winter


We have to admit that travelling around Galicia in our Maruxiña camper, accompanied by the warmth of the sun, is wonderful. However, this does not mean that doing so in winter is not a great idea. And more so this year, when being able to enjoy a break with the freedom of doing your own thing in nearby places is a real must.

Vila sen Vento: a charming Christmas


It has finally arrived: Christmas in Vila sen Vento! At this special time of year, naturally, we are immersed in the Christmas spirit and are doing our best to decorate our rural complex for the occasion. If you are thinking about coming to celebrate the most magical holiday of the year with us, this post will let you know what we have prepared for you.

Our online store of Galician gourmet products is now official!


Dear foodies, we have great news for you! After a lot of work and excitement, we can at last officially announce La Despensa de Vila Sen Vento: our new online store of gourmet products, which are handmade in Galicia with the best ingredients and the nicest presentation for home delivery. Are you ready to discover our new delicatessen products?

Use our gift vouchers to give somebody a Vila sen Vento experience


Do you want to make a special gift that fits your budget and you don't have too much time? At Vila sen Vento we want to help you with an idea that is sure to delight your family, partner or friends: giving an unforgettable experience in our small paradise in O Pino with our gift vouchers. This is how it works.

Experience a terrifically relaxing Halloween in Vila sen Vento


The night of Halloween, which in Galicia is known as Samaín, is one of travellers’ favourite times for taking a break, since November 1 is a national holiday. Furthermore, this year November 2 falls on a Monday, which is also a holiday in neighbouring regions such as Asturias or Castile and León… –the perfect occasion for coming to discover Vila sen Vento!

Enjoy the october holiday in Vila sen Vento


October 12 is a national holiday in Spain and, therefore, many people have the date marked on the calendar as a time for roadtrips and fun activities coinciding with the arrival of autumn. If, in addition, the holiday falls on Monday, as it happens this year, the possibilities multiply and the weekend becomes a three or four-day long weekend, perfect for that getaway that you have been waiting for so long.

Our small Galician paradise turns brown: welcome autumn to Vila sen Vento!


We admit it: at Vila sen Vento we love autumn. The season’s ochre shades make this one of the best times to get away for a break in our small Galician paradise, a rural complex located on an impressive estate surrounded by nature, featuring little cabins in the midst of trees, villas for groups, a rural tourism house, a restaurant and more than 40,000 square metres of grounds.

Do you want us to tell you about some options? Take note!


Find our favourite spots in the south coast of Galicia for and adventure trip!


We’re in love of every spot in Galicia; and as soon as we can, we go on a journey looking for adventures. Today, we take you on a trip to the south.


September is the new July: 4 reasons to travel to Galicia at the best time


If you are looking to travel without crowds, Galicia is your ideal destination. In our little paradise in O Pino, a few kilometers from Santiago, you have the ideal tourist facilities to enjoy a month with less influx of tourists.

Discover Galicia on wheels in our Maruxiña motorhome


Traveling by motorhome has been, for years, one of the best ways to discover a new destination for those people who prefer to move at their own pace and without strings attached. At Vila sen Vento we know that more and more of us are betting on this way of doing tourism "with the house on our backs", and that is why we have decided to expand our family with a very special new accommodation: Maruxiña, a brand new motorhome. Ready to live an adventure on the road? We tell you all the details!

Vila Sen Vento's Story: how our family created a rural tourism paradise from scratch


When people arrive at our rural complex, they are so amazed by the paradise we have created next to Saint James' Way that they use to ask us: how did you do it? since when? Today we take a moment to tell you, from the place where it all began, the beautiful story of Vila Sen Vento.