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Vila sen Vento

Vila sen Vento

Best price in autumn getaways!


Forget about exercising at home and enjoy outdoor sports at Vila sen Vento

Forget about exercising at home and enjoy outdoor sports at Vila sen Vento


Dear lord, this pandemic! Locked down at home and exercising in the lounge using two cartons of milk instead of weights has become, sadly, the national sport. Above all, when the alternative is going to a crowded gym wearing a mask and being a bit afraid of catching COVID-19. Today, from our rural tourism estate in Galicia, we’d like to offer some hope to you sportsmen and sportswomen that are longing to have fun again outdoors.

In case you still have any doubts…

“Are you allowed to practice sports outdoors?” has been one of the most popular Google searches in recent months. And the truth is that sports provide numerous benefits for our body and mind: they reduce the risk of disease, provide relief from stress, help to control our weight, improve our sleep… And if we practice sports outdoors, we’re able to synthesize more vitamin D, we get away from our usual routine and, above, it’s more fun!

Come and practice your favourite sport with us

At Vila Sen Vento we’re great fans of exercising and, therefore, our installations are equipped for practicing sports while staying in one of our charming accommodations near Santiago de Compostela.

Our favourite sport is paddle tennis: thanks to our glazed court featuring artificial grass, you can enjoy exciting games with your friend, and the best thing is, you can do it surrounded by nature. If you have never played or don’t have any equipment, don’t worry, the important thing is to have a good time and we can provide rackets and balls for you. If you already know the game, be careful, you won’t want to leave the court…

Nearby, basketball fans will be pleased to know that there’s a small basketball court, where kids can spend hours on end playing. If you like mountain biking, you can rent our bikes for just €3/hour and explore the surroundings on wheels: trails, rivers, fountains and characteristic Galician villages await you. And if your thing is trekking or running, we’ll guide you to our favourite routes. Ah, and we haven’t forgotten about you swimmers… You won’t want to come out of the pool in summer!

You still want something more? Ann, our booking manager, is a yoga teacher in her free time, so if you feel like organising a relaxing session in the garden, with the birds singing in the background, just let us know.

And there’s even more:

If you’re looking for a sport with a bit more excitement, we always recommend Aventuras en Galicia, since they have a lot of options. And if you’re coming with a golf fan, there are two courses nearby that have special offers for our guests: Tambre Golf and Aero Club de Santiago.

Do any of these suggestions appeal to the sportsman/sportswoman inside of you? Book your spring-summer break by clicking here. Remember: we don’t charge any fees if you have to cancel due to COVID-19 or circumstances beyond your control.