Vila sen Vento

Vila sen Vento

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Vila Sen Vento's Story: how our family created a rural tourism paradise from scratch

Vila Sen Vento's Story: how our family created a rural tourism paradise from scratch


When people arrive at our rural complex, they are so amazed by the paradise we have created next to Saint James' Way that they use to ask us: how did you do it? since when? Today we take a moment to tell you, from the place where it all began, the beautiful story of Vila Sen Vento.

A family’s illusion

If we take a time machine and go back 20 years to this same place, we would find a newly arrived family on a grassy esplanade in the middle of the Galician mountains. In that moment, Vila Sen Vento was actually born: with the construction of our house, the two villas and the cabin, which at that time had another purpose. Get on the machine and travel to 2016, the most decisive moment: "Either we sell the property or we make the most of it". It was clear! We couldn't allow it! So we put together "experienced entrepreneur", "decorator with good taste" and "daughters in love with the complex" and obtained "excited family start a rural tourism project in O Pino". 

The luck of the natural environment

We started working hard: we redecorated the three buildings and baptized them: Villa Hortensias, Villa Camelias and Cabaña del Oso. We were so lucky to have 4 hectares of nature surrounding us: during 20 years all the trees and flowers in the garden chosen with such care by Ana had grown a lot. The bushes that delimited the property reached 10 meters and gave the complex the name of Vila Sen Vento (in Spanish, "Villa Without Wind"). Ari and Paula put a lot of effort to advertise the complex, and very soon groups of families and friends began to arrive at the villas, pilgrims and couples at the cabin, and... We won’t lie: we were excited! Things were going very well!

Grow by investing the profits

During the first years of activity a lot of people chose us for their holidays or breaks, so our team grew to manage bookings, administration, cleaning and maintenance. In 2018 we invested the profits in renovating Piñeiro, an old farmhouse with a restaurant that we incorporated into the complex. And again, we were so lucky of finding Pilar, who our guests fall in love with due to her traditional Galician cuisine. In 2019 with the help of Addomo and Pf1Interiorismo, we bet on a new luxury product: in a few months four new cabins with jacuzzi were lifting on the land of Vila Sen Vento, camouflaged among the trees.

We keep growing!

If you thought that in 2020 a pandemic would stop us, you're wrong. We have just opened an online Gourmet Shop, where you can buy the restaurant's favorite dessert: Tarta de Santiago. And from July you can already rent our new Motorhome "Maruxiña" to do the road trip of your life!




que ilusión leer la historia y pensar que uno forma un poco parte de la historia. ese 2016... un beso enorme a los 4!