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Our almond cake, the star of online Galician products

Our almond cake, the star of online Galician products


Almond cake is one of the most famous food products in Galicia and throughout the Camino (Way of St. James). It is also one of the specialties in our online Galician gourmet shop. So, if you want to buy “tarta de Santiago” (almond cake) and savour one of Galicia’s most delicious typical products, our online gourmet shop is the place you’re looking for.

Do you want to know how it’s made? Here’s our secret!

Almond cake, a Galician delicatessen product

Our almond cake is one of Galicia’s most classic products, made with all our affection to guarantee its spongey texture and genuine taste. We make it following the traditional recipe of this Galician gourmet product, adding Vila sen Vento’s special touch: we use 100% natural Marcona almonds, which we grind in our restaurant to ensure its characteristic almond taste and guarantee one of the best artisanal Galician products. The other ingredients are also completely natural: eggs, sugar, butter, wheat flour and cinnamon, without any preservatives. Our cake therefore has nothing to do with the industrial cakes that we usually find in shops. There’s nothing better than our cake’s genuine taste!

Moreover, we’ve prepared everything so that you can add the final touch yourself: when you buy almond cake in our Galician gourmet shop, we also send you icing sugar and a Cross of St. James mould, so that you can finish decorating the cake to your own liking. An amusing and very tasty option!

Order your cake and enjoy it within a matter of hours

Our website offers almond cake in two sizes: 700 g (6 portions) or 1 kg (12 portions). You can also accompany your order with other home-delivered Galician products, such as “chocolatissimo” (a spectacular chocolate cake) or filloas (Galician crepes), another typical dessert.


So now you know. If you want to buy home-delivered Galician products, Vila sen Vento’s online gourmet shop is the place you’re looking for. Order now and receive your dessert within 48 working hours!