Best price in winter getaways!

Vila sen Vento

Vila sen Vento

Best price in winter getaways!


Our online store of Galician gourmet products is now official!

Our online store of Galician gourmet products is now official!


Dear foodies, we have great news for you! After a lot of work and excitement, we can at last officially announce La Despensa de Vila Sen Vento: our new online store of gourmet products, which are handmade in Galicia with the best ingredients and the nicest presentation for home delivery. Are you ready to discover our new delicatessen products?

The most traditional recipes of Galician cuisine, in your home

We have been biting our tongue for a long time and at last we can let you know: starting today, ten new delicatessen products will accompany our “Tarta de Santiago” (almond cake) that has been so popular with you, forming a catalogue of articles that we make in our restaurant and package so that you can receive them in your home as soon as possible.

We are very excited about this product because, among other reasons, we also enjoy fine food. We therefore value, above all, quality: always looking for the best ingredients -local, ecological products whenever possible. And what better time of year for beginning with delicious seasonal produce, such as pumpkins, chestnuts or flowering turnip tops? Our favourite part is, naturally, enhancing their taste by including them in traditional recipes, the ones that our grandmothers prepared with such love. And, of course, without adding any type of preservatives or colouring. 

 Caldo gallego envasado y emplatado   

The only added ingredient is our affection

Just as in the case of our rural tourism accommodations, our new store, La Despensa, features a very special hallmark: that of our affection, which is present throughout our entire operation. From the careful selection of each product and its quality control, to the design of the labels and packaging, passing through the aroma of homemade cooking that you will experience when you open each package. All of this bears a small part of the heart of Vila Sen Vento, which is our gift to you.

Ideal for gifts

Desserts, aperitifs or main dishes: Galician mussels vinaigrette, Galician stew, pear and ginger jam, “filloas” (Galician crêpes)… are some of the Galician products that you can purchase starting today, to give yourself a little gastronomic treat or as a gift on special occasions, such as this Christmas, which is just around the corner.

But no more spoilers! Discover the magic of our new products here!

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