Vila sen Vento

Vila sen Vento

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Our small Galician paradise turns brown: welcome autumn to Vila sen Vento!

Our small Galician paradise turns brown: welcome autumn to Vila sen Vento!


We admit it: at Vila sen Vento we love autumn. The season’s ochre shades make this one of the best times to get away for a break in our small Galician paradise, a rural complex located on an impressive estate surrounded by nature, featuring little cabins in the midst of trees, villas for groups, a rural tourism house, a restaurant and more than 40,000 square metres of grounds.

Do you want us to tell you about some options? Take note!

Trekking routes for the more adventurous

If you decide to sleep in one of our accommodation options and you love hillwalking, do not think twice: pack a pair of boats because there are several excursions to be discovered near Vila Sen Vento. The “Ruta de la Marquesa” (Route of the Marchioness), a gentle, linear itinerary, will take you along a beautiful trail bordered by hundred-year-old oaks that starts at the ancestral home called Pazo del Marqués. The “Senda Botánica del Río Mera” (Mera River Botanical Trail) could well be the Amazon jungle: a riverside walk that will surprise you with the ruins of old waterwheels and intertwined trees above your heads. And if you are not into walking, you can always rent our bikes and explore the surroundings!

Traditional Galician cuisine, with autumn produce

With the drop in the temperature, there is nothing better than a fine meal to heat up your body with our seasonal produce. Flowering turnip tops mark the beginning of the time for Galician “cocido” (stew) and “caldo” (broth); and thanks to the fallen fruit of chestnut trees, we can accompany the meat dishes served in our Piñeiro restaurant with an exquisite garnish of roasted chestnuts. Let us not forget about mushrooms! Boletus, Lepiota, saffron milk caps, golden chanterelles… Galicia’s forests provide the best option for lovers of mycological tourism and exquisite recipes for foodies. A great choice for lovers of gastronomy!

Rest and peace -what more do you want?

Although we all like to complete our stay with fun ideas for couples or groups, something strange happens to our guests when they arrive -they do not want to go out! The warmth of our rural accommodation and the peaceful natural surroundings make Vila Sen Vento the best option for your holiday or weekend break. And on top of that, in autumn you can watch the rain falling from inside a cabin surrounded by trees, with a fire in the chimney and the jacuzzi bubbling on the terrace… You will only want to go outside to take a photo of the fairy tale-like red mushrooms, which are hidden below the beautiful carpet of leaves covering our gardens.

Come and unwind!

If, for your next holiday, you are looking for an oasis of tranquillity and safety without giving up on travelling, we are waiting for you. Book a stay in our charming accommodation beside Santiago de Compostela!