Best price in autumn getaways!

Vila sen Vento

Vila sen Vento

Best price in autumn getaways!


Use our gift vouchers to give somebody a Vila sen Vento experience

Use our gift vouchers to give somebody a Vila sen Vento experience


Do you want to make a special gift that fits your budget and you don't have too much time? At Vila sen Vento we want to help you with an idea that is sure to delight your family, partner or friends: giving an unforgettable experience in our small paradise in O Pino with our gift vouchers. This is how it works.

A gift that is just right for you… and for the person receiving it!

It is very easy to give a Vila sen Vento experience as a gift. You just have to enter the gift vouchers section on our website and choose the amount that suits you, from 50 to 500 euros, and click “purchase.” During the process, we will ask you if you want to send it digitally (with an email that we can send to you or to the beneficiary) or by post to the indicated address.

Regardless of the selected format, the gift voucher we send will include a link and a discount code for the amount you have chosen. The beneficiary may enjoy the gift in any of our accommodations up to one year after the purchase date.

The beneficiaries just have to enter our website, choose their dates and the accommodation that they prefer (it is valid for all of them as well as for any extras) and enter their code in the shopping cart; or enter using the link included in each check so that the discount is applied directly. It is that easy!

We will send it with a very special presentation

If you want us to send the voucher by post, the beneficiary will not only have the opportunity to come and enjoy a moment of relaxation and rest with us but will also receive in his/her home a small part of nature from our small rural paradise. How so? Our team collect different flowers that grow on our estate and, after drying them, send them along with the voucher so that each gift if unique and special, featuring the essence of Vila sen Vento. A presentation that we prepare with a lot of affection and hope that you enjoy!

A 100% safe purchase that supports local consumption

Due to the pandemic that we are currently experiencing, now it is more important than ever to support each other and to choose family and local businesses for our shopping. Our gift vouchers give you the opportunity to enjoy 100% safe Internet shopping and give you loved ones a gift without any personal contact, while also helping our rural tourism project and our family’s dream to continue growing. Together we will manage to overcome this situation and continue celebrating special moments, even if a little differently!

If you like our suggestion, do not think twice: the perfect gift is just a click away by entering our website or, if your prefer, by calling us at +34 620 965 105. No doubt you will make the right choice!