Vila sen Vento

Vila sen Vento

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September is the new July: 4 reasons to travel to Galicia at the best time

September is the new July: 4 reasons to travel to Galicia at the best time


If you are looking to travel without crowds, Galicia is your ideal destination. In our little paradise in O Pino, a few kilometers from Santiago, you have the ideal tourist facilities to enjoy a month with less influx of tourists. With several types of accommodation, we propose a getaway away from the crowds, at a time of year when the heat is less intense, surrounded by nature and with a wide range of activities so that you can take advantage of every minute of your well-deserved vacation.

Haven't we convinced you yet? We give you 4 reasons to cheer up:

1. Ideal temperature, day and night

Many visitors opt for Galicia for a getaway to be able to sleep "with a blanket" at night, fleeing the exhausting night heat of many parts of Spain that does not let us rest well. In September the cool night is very pleasant and even more reconciling with the dream after sunset. During the day, the thermometer shows friendly temperatures, perfect for going to the pool or for a walk without having to protect ourselves from the sun getting too hot. Walks, a bath, the little ones playing outside ... any plan is good!

2. Less influx of visitors, more space for you!

July and August are the months that traditionally mark the tourist season, although in recent years many are those who are already betting on September as the ideal month to break the routine and plan a vacation. Why? Less people, better prices, less difficulty when booking. That is the trick that, in times of the new normal, will help us not have to worry about avoiding crowds.

3. Enjoy a greener landscape

Summer is a fantastic time to tan, enjoy the pleasure of going barefoot, drinking a cold beer to mitigate the heat ... but it is also a season in which high temperatures force less green landscapes due to the lack of rain. In September, Galician nature begins to return to its most common tones, showing itself in all its splendor. The creek return to their flow, the forest becomes lush again and some chestnut tones begin to accompany the pictures of the end of summer. Do you dare to check it out?

4. Outdoor activities, at any time

If you bet on Vila sen Vento for your holidays, surely you like outdoor activities. Rafting, hiking, biking, walks, horse riding, fishing…. everything at your disposal on your vacation, a few meters from your room. In September, any time is good to enjoy! The light, the temperature ... take advantage!

Do you already have it clear? Come to O Pino and choose: our chalets, our rural house, our cabins or our motorhome. What fits your style the most? Travel to Galicia this September!