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Vila sen Vento

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Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of our guests' most frequent queries. We hope they help you!

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* .: Consult possible flexibility according to availability

Accepted cards in this accommodation

Of course! Call our expert Ari (636 813 371) and she will tell you how we organize small charming events in Vila Sen Vento. 

Select the date that you want and the type of accommodation, and we’ll show you the availability. Then' you'll have to select the nº of people you are in order to see the appropiate price. You’ll also see if there’s any room in the rest of our accommodation options. If you’re still a bit lost or prefer a more personalised service, you can always call our booking telephone (620965105) or email us at

No, the prices are for accommodation only. Breakfast is optional and should be reserved in advance. We offer 2 types of breakfast, which you can find in "Restaurant" section. 

If you want to make some change, tell us in advance and we addapt the breakfast to you. 

Yes, the rooms of Vila Sen Vento "Piñeiro" are available for booking individually. There is a total of 6 double rooms, each one with its own private bathroom.

In the case of the Casa de las Camelias and Casa de las Hortensias, you must book the entire house. For special requests, please contact us directly by telephone or email.

It’s important to book in advance. The barbecue is fix in the houses and portable in the cabins. Apart from the barbecue grill itself, we include a sack of charcoal, firewood, utensils, fire starters and matches. The price is €9 per kit and if you need more charcoal, we charge €5 for another 3kg sack.

The use of the paddle court is completely free during the day (in daylight) and costs €10/hour during the night (if you need artificial lighting).

The swimming pool is open during the summer season, more or less from June to October (weather permitting). The water is at ambient temperature, since we don’t use any heating mechanism, but frankly, it’s very pleasant at this time of the year.

The grounds housing "Villa Camelias", "Villa Hortensias" and the 5 Cabins cover 30,000 m2 and feature a variety of sports and recreational facilities. If you want complete privacy, you have to book all establishments. If you book a house, for example, you’ll share the installations with the possible guests in the other house and in the cabins. However, when you book one of the two houses, you can enjoy 2,000 square metres of practically private grounds around the house, and 1,500 square metres in the case of the cabin.

Our restaurant is located in the rural house "Piñeiro", which is about 600 metres from the rural cottage Vila Sen Vento (where you can also find the 2 big houses and the 5 new cabins).  It takes us about 10 minutes by walk to go from Piñeiro to Vila Sen Vento. If you need transport to reach the restaurant, please enquire about availability. The restaurant is available to all guests occupying any of our establishments. Check our delicious options in "Restaurant" section!

Apart from the restaurant, in summer we also set up our own wooden refreshment stand, where you can enjoy chilled draught beer surrounded by nature, as well as helping yourself to some snacks.