Vila sen Vento

Vila sen Vento

Genuine "Tarta De Santiago" (1Kg)


It’s the best because we make it in our own restaurant, crushing 100% natural Marcona almonds and without adding any preservatives.

This, along with a few secrets, gives it an exceptional, genuine flavour, far superior to any industrially-made cakes.

For the best results, we send the icing sugar and a Cross of St. James mould separately, with amusing instructions so that you can add the finishing touch.

  • Ingredients: almonds, flour, eggs, butter, sugar, cinnamon and icing sugar (Allergens are indicated).
  • 12 portions approx.
  • We recommend eating it within 5 days of delivery.

Our clients say... "It’s really tasty –we’ll certainly be re-ordering. You really do eat it with your eyes first: if we’re not careful, it disappears fast at home since it’s so good."

29,90 €