Vila sen Vento

Vila sen Vento

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We deliver the best Galician recipes to your home:

  1. Tasty: gently cooked to bring out exquisite flavours.
  2. Healthy: no preservatives or colouring –the only additive is our affection.
  3. Quick: you’ll receive them within 24 hours and can heat them up in 5 minutes.


Wheat flour “empanada” with mussels/“xoubas” (pilchards)

With tender pastry and a juicy filling 


19,90 €

Strawberry, Albariño and spearmint jam

To accompany your special dining occasions this summer


6,90 €

Fresh lobster cocktail

A fresh mouthful that tastes like the Galician coast


19,90 €

Homemade croquettes

You won’t be able to try just one 
(includes chilled shipping)

15,50 €

THE Galician cheese board

The 4 best cheeses in Galicia 
(includes chilled shipping)

35,90 €

Cornflour “empanada” (Galician pie) with variegated scallops

The most exquisite mouthful in Galicia
(includes chilled shipping)

45,90 €
35,90 €
5,90 €

Mussels vinaigrette

So that you can enjoy a quality aperitif in the company of your loved ones.

8,90 €

Genuine "Tarta De Santiago" (700g)

You’ve not tasted anything like this!



22,90 €

Vegetable hash

From the vegetable garden to your table.

7,90 €

Galician “filloas”

Traditional Galician “crepes”

6,90 €

Galician broth

Galicia’s winter broth par excellence

7,90 €

Pear and ginger jam

Who said that jams are boring? 

5,90 €
14,90 €

Pumpkin soup

When you use quality ingredients, there’s not much more to say...

6,90 €

Apple and cinnamon jam

It will be your next treat!

5,90 €

Chocolatissimo (700g)

For the sweet-toothed, straight from our oven to your home.


15,90 €

Chocolatissimo (1Kg)

Do not blame us if you fight over the last piece!


25,90 €

Genuine "Tarta De Santiago" (1Kg)

So fluffy and irresistible that you’ll be asking for more!

29,90 €

Galician “bica” (1Kg)

Traditional Galician sponge cake

24,90 €